Digital Genie is an online Digital Marketplace to assist the disability community in coordinating services and resources with a diverse range of products, technology, allied health and general service providers. Seek locally, or while travelling.

Participants have the ability to post wishes! Seeking quotes for specific requirements? Can't find something you have always been looking for? Save hours of time ringing and searching, instead wish with results. Receive messages privately and securely from Genie Providers, compare and find your best suit.

Disability businesses also have the ability to post vacancies that are going within their organisations to target industry specialists. Assisting them with their search for human resources. Employers can also elect to be an inclusion champion encouraging people with disabilities to apply.

Find exclusive genie member deals and discounts. See the genie providers with the best super saving offers listed on our offers page.

Digital Genie is also designed to provide virtual support connection and enhance accessibility to products and services for people with disabilities with our inclusion champion filters.

Digital Genie aims to support start ups and creative businesses grow and find their audience though our multitude of marketing avenues. Feature on our social media channels, Wish4More e-magazine or develop company merchandise on the Digital Genie Store.

Join the Genie Community, network and meet like minded individuals all striving and wishing for more. Say tuned for Wish4More Events and the Wish4More Awards Ceremony.

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NDIS budgets can be complicated, so much so that you might not be getting the plan you need. Genie's Budget tool allows you to create, compoare, and share budgets in an easy system that removes all that complication.

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