Digital Genie for the NDIS is an online Digital Marketplace for NDIS participants to assist them in coordinating services and resources with a diverse range of NDIS registered and non-registered service providers, operating in their region or remotely.

Both participants and providers will be able to login and set up profiles. Participants will be able to post jobs seeking quotes for specific requirements, allowing them to get tailored support that meet their specific needs, saving them hours of time ringing around and allowing them to weigh up the cost versus benefits of hiring a specific contractor.

Businesses providing services will also be able to post jobs that are going within their organisations, assisting them to target industry specialists to assist with their search for human resources.

The Co-founders of Digital Genie are the Company Directors of a national NDIS plan management organisation known as Enabled4Life. Throughout their years of working in the NDIS they became aware of the dire need for an online mechanism to connect people with NDIS plans with service providers and assist them to spend the budgets they were provided to allow them to gain the help to meet their individual needs.

Ultimately it is designed to provide virtual support coordination and enhanced accessibility to products and services for people with disabilities.

The platform is also designed to encourage people to set up businesses under the NDIS and assist existing businesses to source workers, addressing a gap in service provision within the industry.

Signing up for a profile is a free service. Without using any other features, the platform will allow the provision of a FREE Services Directory which can be used for people with disabilities or aged people over 65.

A small fee will be associated with the posting of jobs. For participants this can be sourced through their support coordination budget, or they can simply use their own funds. Similarly, anyone not on an NDIS plan can pay for this service as well.

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