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Business Number (ABN or equivalent)

301 461 519 26



AJHolistic is dedicated to using a holistic person centered, strengths based approach, which in return encourages individuals to develop maintain and structure skills and strategies that work best for them.

AJHolistic is supporting individuals and their supporting networks in the community to achieve goals whilst developing and strengthening independence in homes and community settings.
Located in Southern Adelaide.
Services provided in clinic, schools & community. 

  • Developmental educators & therapy assistants 
    • Social skills
    • Emotional regulation 
    • Daily living & functional life skills 
    • Counselling 
    • NDIS plan consulting 
    • Support plans 
    • Staff & parent/family training 
    • Social groups 
    • Capacity building focused groups 
    • Therapy led mentoring programs
    • Tailored therapy programs

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