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Mindfulness, ACT

To assist participants improve through a holistic approach. Services include a holistic integration of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness skills, mindfulness meditation, relaxation and behavioural techniques to help  overcome barriers and create positive changes through mindful values-based living. 

My services are open to adults, children and adolescents.

Mindfulness or mindfulness meditation is a great way to relax, unhook from stress or unwanted thoughts and simply be in the present moment. There are many ways to practice mindfulness-meditation focusing on breathing, thoughts, visual, sensory, walking, sound, chants, games etc... 

There is nothing religious about mindfulness. It simply about shutting out the outside world and being in the present moment which is what we all need as human beings. 

Many find it easier to be calm and regain control over their thoughts and emotions after practising mindfulness-meditation. Some find it helpful with sleeping, thinking and focusing on less ruminating thoughts throughout the day. 

It is shown to enhance the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for human behaviour, and interrupt the primitive areas of the brain that initiates and coordinates the unconscious primitive stress reaction throughout the brain and body. Brain imaging techniques have revealed that meditation profoundly changes the way different regions of the brain communicate with each other and therefore how we think. It has been scientifically proven to reprogram your brain. The physical and subtle effects have been life changing for many.  Some have had great results with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Sessions are tailored to suit participants preference and level, either one on one or in groups, in person or via Zoom

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