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Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Gym Based Programs, Massage Therapy, Home Visits

AquaPhys is a NDIS Registered Physiotherapy practice, which specialises in Hydrotherapy and is the leading provider in the South West Sydney area. The team consists of both Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who are highly skilled and have undergone specialised study in the field of Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy services include : 
*  Individualised sessions
*  Complex care 1:1 sessions.
In addition to this, AquaPhys offers :
*  Physiotherapy
*  Exercise Physiology
*  Gym Programs.
The staff at AquaPhys pride themselves on their thorough approach, ensuring a holistic treatment is achieved. Listening to the patient and identifying all of their needs is of utmost importance.

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