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Social Opportunities, Group Activities, Social Interaction

ASD&D offer creative social opportunities to young people, aged 8-24,  through customised tabletop gaming. 
While our focus is on Neurodiverse youth, we are open to all.
We provide a safe, friendly, environment where kids can explore social interaction, team work, and positive relationships without pressure or judgement.

We created ASD&D after identifying a need for social interaction and participation in neuro-diverse (ND) people. Neuro-diversity is a new-ish term that refers to diversity in brain functions and wiring; think Autism Spectrum, ADHD, PDA, SPD, some mental health issues, and other social-emotional challenges.

We have found Dungeons & Dragons (and other table top games) to be a fantastic tool to encourage social interaction among kids (and adults) neuro-diverse or not.

Jamie and Sarah (ASD&D) facilitate one-on-one and/or group gaming sessions, in the form of Dungeons & Dragons - an old-school, "pen & paper", RPG,  either at your place, or at our central location here in Campbell Town.  

At our gaming sessions we provide absolutely everything that is needed to play. We have 2 options of play; We come to you, in which case we ask for the use of a table and chairs (this can be a traditional dining table set-up or couches around the coffee table.) OR you come to us at our amazing setup in Campbell Town.

Us to You will always be one-on-one sessions, but this doesn't mean it's ONLY 2 (two) people playing. Other friends and family members of yours and/or your young person are welcome to join in.

You to Us allows access to our Group Gaming Sessions (numbers allowing) where you/your young person will be matched with other people in an appropriate age group. Group Sessions will be run with between 2 and 5 players (the more the better) and will strongly encourage the development of group social skills such as collaboration, group problem solving, team work, turn taking, patience, and situational awareness.

We also provide one-on-one sessions at our location in Campbell Town. 

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