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At Be Physiology we focus on exercise and movement for the management and improvement of neurological and chronic conditions.

We are one of the few mobile exercise physiology services in Brisbane with extensive expertise in spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions.

Accessibility should not be a barrier to allied health services, so it is our mission to make exercise physiology more accessible to those who need it most, and more widely prescribed as a method of treatment to people living with a disability or a chronic condition.

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Exercise programs specifically tailored to neurological disorders overall aim to improve your confidence with the activities of daily living. By improving these activities you gain your independence and ultimately your autonomy. This is done through improving your strength, endurance, mobility, balance and gait.

When it comes to neurological recovery we know that volume and quality of exercise is paramount and getting to know your body and its limitations is the best way to surpass them and reach your personal goals.

At Be Physiology, we utilise exercise programs that are specific to your neurological disorder to ensure you’re progressing towards your goals in a safe environment.

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Living with spinal cord injury can bring up so many questions, and unfortunately, we can’t answer many of them – nobody can just yet but, that is changing.

We can, however, use our extensive knowledge and our experience to help you understand your spinal cord injury and work with you to navigate the steps towards gaining everyday independence. 

At Be Physiology, we are dedicated to providing accessible and personalised rehabilitation services to people who have sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). Rehabilitation is notoriously long and challenging, but we want to be there for you, to push you beyond your goals and achieve extraordinary results because we know you can – we see it happen every day.

If you have questions, just reach out to our Spinal Cord Injury specialist Harry, on 0422 572 164 or go here for some more information.
Some skills progress before others, and if not, this can affect coordination, control and movement thereafter. The consequences of this are possible posture defects, muscular deficiencies and cardiovascular abnormalities and can then lead to chronic muscular and osteo conditions, along with heart issues.

We create scientific-based programs that ensure the healthy development of our younger clients. 

By hosting a controlled (and tiring) environment, and keeping the little minds engaged, is a proven way to help them gain strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, as well as learn to listen and follow instructions.

Call our specialist exercise physiologist Aj on 0477 657 771 with any questions, or find out more here

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