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Plan Management

 Blitzit Plan Manager provides NDIS Plan Management services to NDIS participants. Plan management is the no cost, easy, effective and trusted way for NDIS participants to manage their NDIS budget.

Blitzit Plan Manager collaborates with people living with a disability and their service providers to deliver NDIS plan management services, such as paying invoices and tracking budgets.

Blitzit Plan Manager has an experienced team who ensure your provider invoices are paid promptly, so you can track and manage your NDIS funds to streamline administration and provide you with choice and control over your budget, as plan management provides you with the freedom to use both NDIS- registered and non-registered providers.

The NDIS can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate. Blitzit Plan Manager is the no-cost approach that helps you stay in control of your NDIS funding. Engaging a Blitzit Plan Manager allows NDIS participants to keep on track and moving forward towards big-picture goals and plans. NDIS participants can often feel stressed and overwhelmed of the NDIS complexities, Blitzit Plan Manager assist our participants to navigate the NDIS system.

In order to sign up for Blitzit Plan Management services, an NDIS participant must request to be plan managed through their Local Area Coordinator or NDIS Planner. Plan Management is funded by the NDIS in your plan. To sign up the participant must complete the Blitzit Service Agreement then they are free to commence using their NDIS funds.  

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