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1.  We Care
For us this is absolutely the most important reason. We care  about the participant, we care about the Carer and we care about your  family. We just care. We are always at the end of the phone if you need a  chat or have a query.  A lot of Carers like the fact that most of us  have lived experiences of being a Carer. If we cannot answer the  question for you we will point you in the right direction.

2. We place a high priority on payment of invoices. 
We  understand that the prompt payment of invoices is integral in keeping  the services moving for the participant. Our innovative technology  ensures your providers are not charging over the NDIS price guide. We  liaise directly with your Support Coordinators to ensure payments are  made for services and products to arrive when you need them.

3. Your approval is our highest priority
We  will always ask you for your approval prior to paying an invoice, if  you don't approve an invoice then it will not get paid. We will also be  the point of contact for conflict resolution, if you are not satisfied  with a service we will contact the provider on your behalf.

4.  Monthly statements 
Each month we will send you a detailed  statement of how much you have spent, which service providers you have  paid and how much funding is remaining.
We monitor  your funding each month to check how your funding is tracking. We also  have a specialised team who can help with budgeting or recommend  therapies and services that would be beneficial for you.

5.  Face to face meetings
We like to meet you face to face - if this is  not possible we will use FaceTime, Zoom or a similar app so you know who  we are and we know who you are.
We like the  personalized service of putting a face to the name AND you will have the  same plan manager for the duration of your plan. 

6.  Annual NDIS Review Pack
With over 4 years  experience helping Carers and participants access the NDIS, we are sure you will benefit greatly from our NDIS Review service. Our pack is a comprehensive form that you would complete that details topics like:
o   current supports
o   goals and reasons why they were or were not achieved
o   daily routines
o   remaining funding
o   the new short and long-term goals and the reasons why the new goals should be set
o   an updated participant statement
o   lists any AT requirements
o   communication equipment and any car/home modifications
o   a completed copy of somebody’s review meeting booklet so you can get an idea of how to complete it.
·      Email template to send to your current service providers requesting reports
·      Email template to send to future service providers as well as a quote template for them to use if they wish
·      Email Template to send to your plan manager for updated statement
·      Email Template to send to your current providers requesting them to submit invoices to the plan manager, yourself or the NDIS.
·      An example of a Carer Impact Statement
·      A Step-by-step Checklist
We  hear from a lot of carers that their NDIS plan did not cover the  support or get enough funding that some participants desperately needed.  We help you to put your best foot forward.

It  would be such an honour to share your NDIS journey with you, so please  contact us on the details below and and we will get back to you  as soon as we can.

We  can't wait to meet you and get to know you all. Until we do, follow us  on our Facebook page so you can stay up to date with what’s happening at  CCA.  I hope your week brings you something very special, have a  wonderful day.

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