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Location Telopea NSW, Australia
 - Within 15km
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cooking skills, housekeeping skills, travel training, gardening, community access, packing to move, decluttering

I'm passionate in the area of skills training for people with disabilities who want to acquire everyday life skills like cooking/baking, travel training, shopping, budgeting, etc in order to live independently. 
I like to support their interests like visiting the art gallery, watching a movie, long distance drives to visit relatives/friends who live outside of Sydney, etc. 
I've done one-on-one lessons with clients who want to cook and bake. Working through recipes, shopping for ingredients, weighing and preparing ingredients, planning the order of preparation, handling equipment including knives, baking trays, oven temperature, how to chop/cut/dice/slice meat and vegetables, hygiene guidelines, final cooking/baking processes resulting in learning new and fun cooking skills. 
Some of the dishes I teach include Spaghetti Bolognese, Satay Chicken, Fried Rice/Noodles, Lemon Tart, Banana Bread, etc. 
I also teach housekeeping, bed making, ironing, etc. 

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