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I am both an Occupational Therapist and Mum to three children with disabilities who are on NDIS.  I understand first hand the difficulties faced by Parents/Carers trying to navigate the NDIS while balancing this with the needs of their family...often resulting in 'Carer Burnout'. 

Very few NDIS Participants get approved for Support Coordination funding, and other support services such as Local Area Coordinators and Community Services may not be able to provide the indepth one-on-one support required by some Parents/Carers who are feeling stuck, frustrated and confused.

So I have developed a unique OT service where MY MISSION is to support Parents and Carers of NDIS Participants to learn how to navigate the NDIS and achieve great outcomes for their loved one, whilst also finding ways to meet their own needs.  

Examples of supports I may be able to assist you with include, but are not limited to:
  • Goal-oriented practical assistance to navigate the NDIS
  • Guidance/Assistance regarding Level 1/2 Assistive Technology, including letters of support where appropriate
  • Guidance/Assistance regarding Life Skills Training and resources 
  • Education on how the 'Reasonable and Necessary Criteria' and 'NDIS Rules' may apply to your specific circumstances, and how to address them when seeking funding
  • Support to develop your own skills to navigate NDIS
  • Support to develop your negotiation, communication and advocacy skills
  • Assistance to write a compelling Carer Statement 
  • Support to develop the skills to prepare for Plan Reviews
  • Assistance to identify and develop a sustainable Support Team and to engage with Community Services that will support YOU.
Do you already have an treating OT in place? No problem!  I can work with your existing support team - I can support YOU, while they support and focus on your loved one!

I provide my services via Telehealth only, so it can be accessed from anywhere in Australia that has reliable telephone or internet access. 

I am an Non-Registered NDIS Provider, meaning I support Self-Managed and Plan-Managed Participants via Capacity Building (CB Daily Activity) funding.

If you would like more information, I would LOVE to hear from you!  It is FREE to have a brief chat about your needs to see if I can assist.

Please call Jodi Rolph on 0434 72 72 73 or email

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