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Personal Care, Travel/transport, Medication Prompting, Community Access, Daily Activities, House Maintenance, Yard Maintenance, Appointments

Community Health Group is helping participants connect with like-minded support workers, maintain relations with their families and building stronger communities in the process. Community Health Group understands that each participant has his/her own needs and wants and hence why here at CHG we don’t take a one-size fits all approach. Each participant is treated like an individual and every support/program is tailored specifically to their needs.

Community Health Group is a registered Disability support provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and have been offering a wide array of our supports throughout Australia. CHG has been networking with support coordinators and Local area Coordinators to ensure the best level of support is provided to our mutual participants and assist them in reaching their NDIS goals.

The services we provide at Community Health Group are:

¨     Assistance with Travel/Transport
¨     Household Tasks
¨     Community Nursing
¨     Daily Personal Activities 
¨     Participate Community
¨     Supported Independent living (SIL)
The approach Community Health Group uses to succeed in supporting participants Choice, Control and Independency are through the following:  
Initial Consult 

Community Health Group offers a person to person consultation conducted at the participants home or their choice of location, wherein which the services offered are explained to them in detail and they will then be able to choose which services they believe they need. During this Initial consult, information is also gathered as to what the participant is looking for in a support worker and budget is also drawn up to ensure the hours of support requested are within the budget of the NDIS plan.


Compatibility is major component in providing successful supports to participants. Community Health Group has found that successful pairing of compatible participant and support worker increases confidence and morale in participants and boosts overall progress.

Support worker/carer ratio. 

Community Health Group offer one on one support worker to participant services. CHG believes that this individualised approach gains more progress rather then group supports.  




Initial Weekly contact 

Community Health Group believe communication is key and participant/support workers input is vital in us providing the best supports. Once paired up with a support worker, CHG will initiate weekly contact to see how compatibility is going. If unsuccessful, CHG will allocate another support worker and keep on doing so until the fit is right.  

Weekly Reports 

It is mandatory for all of our support workers to provide case notes after every shift which are then compiled weekly by management. This ensures that management can see whether progress has been made or whether the goals being achieved are in line with the current goals in the participants NDIS plan.

This is also beneficial come plan review time, as the yearly progress reports are uploaded as part of the plan review documents. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support service that involves supervision and assistance with daily everyday tasks to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible. At Community Health Group we offer this service as part of a shared group-home environment, or alternatively, as a drop-in service in your personal homes across Australia.


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