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Tech support, Personal alarms, care technology, life pendants

We provide care support through technology products so you’ll have peace of mind that care is by your side… if ever you need it.

Technology is a great enabler and expands our world in many different ways. For older Australians, it creates options that were unavailable only a few short years ago. Ageing in place today is more achievable than ever before.

We have worked closely with older Australians to deliver technology solutions designed to help them enjoy a more independent life as they age.

With so many products available in the marketplace to choose from, what makes us different is our commitment to delivering the most desirable solutions for our customers and providing ongoing support – face-to-face, each and every day. We understand that the support you need doesn’t start and end with a high-tech gadget.

Our products are unobtrusive, easy-to-use, reliable and adaptable to suit your individual lifestyle and needs. They form part of a solution designed to deliver peace of mind – both for yourself and your carers – and allow you to enjoy your independence longer.

Desirable tech for the young at heart. With the help to make it work.

Take control of your life with Eevi, your discreet personal care assistant that gives you the peace of mind to live how and where you choose.

Products available:

At home:
- Gateway and Pendant

Out and about:
- Life Pendant
- eevi samsung 2 watch

Voice activated:
- Google Home app
- Friends and Family app

High care:
- Bed monitor
- Door sensor

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Discover the many ways Eevi can support you to live well and maintain your independence.

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