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NDIS Plan Management

Enabled4Life is one of the largest national and independent Plan Managers in the country and have operated since 2017 building a wealth of knowledge around NDIS funding. As financial intermediaries we work with hundreds of service providers and participants ensuring invoices are paid quickly and compliant with your funding allocation. Our automated Fast Payment System generates Monthly Statements to view your spending and Service Providers receive a Remittance immediately after payment securing their ability to continue providing services that participants choose to buy with their NDIS plan.

To engage Enabled4Life as your Plan Manager is easy. We have capacity for clients no matter where they live as we provide remote services (non face to face) only. Simply download or request a Service Agreement and we can begin to transact for you immediately.  We look forward to assisting you with our free tools such as our NDIS Budget Projection Calculator that is linked to the Price Guide in 'real' time to help you make informed choices about services you can buy with your plan funding. Click on the link and try it now.
Enabled4Life is one of Australia’s largest independent NDIS Plan Managers registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme to facilitate fast automated invoice payment to registered and non registered service providers for goods and services participants buy with their NDIS Plan

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