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Disability Services

Mates Support Services is a disability services provider based in Melbourne. We currently offer our services to plan and self-managed participants in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, with the ability to expand our reach.
NDIS Categories
  • Assistance with daily life
  • Transport
  • Assistance with social and community participation
  • Increased social and community participation
  • Improved daily living skills
NDIS Support Items
  • 01_002_0107_1_1 - Assistance With Self-Care Activities - Standard - Weekday Night
  • 01_003_0107_1_1 - Assistance From Live-In Carer
  • 01_004_0107_1_1 - Assistance With Personal Domestic Activities
  • 01_010_0107_1_1 - Assistance With Self-Care Activities - Night-Time Sleepover
  • 01_046_0115_1_1 - Assistance In Individual Living Arrangement For Person With Complex Needs
  • 01_050_0115_1_1 - Assistance With Daily Life Tasks Provided In Residential Aged Care Facility
  • 05_121200111_0109_1_2 - Vehicles - Assistive products for vehicles and transport safety
  • 15_045_0128_1_3 - Community Engagement Assistance

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