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Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state in which solutions are found.  Replacing old patterns with new ways of thinking to find solutions. Nancy does QUIT Weightloss, phobias, pain, and all human concerns. Unlike other therapy. Often one session is enough or as needed. 
Wonderful for all concerns. Medibank and NDIS self managed participants welcome. Lygon therapy in Carlton 

Mental health, Gestalt therapy, Clinical Spiritual Care, Psychotherapy, Counselling

Adv. Dip of Transpersonal Therapy Associate Degree Communication Arts Design. Adv. Dip of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Adv. Dip Hypnosis, Cert Hypnotherapy. Adv. Relational Gestalt
Mental health crisis counsellor, suicide intervention, art therapy. 

What Does Nancy Do?
I currently work with self managed and plan managed clients through JobCo and Me Well. I have worked with families with children on the spectrum and ADHD offering sound and uncomplicated supports through listing and  clarifying what is working and what is not. Let’s face it it can be overwhelming and it can help to have a Counselling to recalibrate, this is at my Lygon therapy rooms or online. This  for those that want something different to psychology that’s holistic, creative and resource driven, potential not pathology. Everyone is more than a label and diagnosis. 

I have experience with PTSD, Chronic Pain,   Relationships and nature therapy. 

I have worked in hospitals as a pastoral carer. This is not religious rather a training I received because there is so much about life’s challenges that can be supported by connecting our inner world and finding peace. 

I am able to accept participants who are Plan-Managed or Self-Managed. 

“Nancy Rodriguez is well known to me and her flexibility and respect shine through everything she does. It’s a pleasure to recommend her”. Robert McNeilly MBBS Director CET, Co-director The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania

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