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At Sisters in the City, we provide reliable and affordable nursing and disability care to clients in the greater Brisbane and Ipswich area. Whether you need daily, health related attention, or are looking for appointment based care — you name it, we do it! Our certified practitioners work with you and (where applicable) your doctor to develop and manage a personalised home support plan that’s most convenient for you.

As an organisation, we help people aged 16-65 to be their best selves, through seizing new opportunities and doing amazing things with their lives. We’re here to help you take the steps to be what you want to be.

At Sisters in the City we offer support in the way you want. Some examples are:

  • LGBTQIA support – access support, community support, social support and recreational support from LGBTQIA people and allies.
  • Mental health support – Targeted psychosocial recovery coaching. Access support, community support, social support and recreational support from qualified peer support workers with lived/life experience.
  • Disability support - access support, community support, social support and recreational support for people with disabilities. We also provide in-home support with health issues and daily living tasks such as; washing, dressing, eating, transport and budgeting. We can further assist during domestic activities such as eating meals and showering. We are here for you to provide companionship and support during your every day lives.
  • Assistance with finding and keeping a job – We provide resume and cover letter assistance, assistance submitting applications and non-vocational job readiness coaching.
  • Specialist nursing support – Foster independence, safety and healthy lifestyles through nursing assessment and support to help prevent disease, maintain health and treat existing health problems. Doing things like complex dressings, medication administration and urinary continence assessment.
  • Household Cleaning - Providing cleaning services to those with disabilities. We have a range of services that are able to assist participants in managing their homes as seamlessly as possible. Our services can be completed as daily, weekly, monthly or once-off visits.
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching - Spending time with you, and people important to you, to get to know you and understand your needs, helping you to find out about different services and supports, and how these can help you, helping you get support from mental health services and helping you better understand the NDIS and support you with the NDIS.
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Ryan grew up in the country and started his career early in the community services sector, providing support to people with profound disabilities. From early in his life Ryan knew that caring for people was what he needed to do. Mental health was an early feature in his life with members of his family struggling with their own mental health and addiction problems. Ryan identifies as an LGBTQI person and through taking his own journey to self-acceptance and self-love, whist helping his family on their recovery journey, he solidified his want to care for people. Whilst working in the community services sector he completed a Diploma in Community Services Coordination and later begun providing help for people with disabilities to find work. In doing this he also completed a Diploma of Employment Services. It soon became clear to Ryan that he wanted a more global and recognisable vocation and begun studying to be a Registered Nurse. Now, a number of years later, being qualified as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and after working a number of years in emergency services, Ryan is looking to provide nursing services, back where it all started for him.
Sisters in the City provides support for LGBTQIA+ individuals, peers and allies. As such, we are run by members of the community and are aimed at supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our position:

Sisters in the City recognises that “all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (United Nations, 2012) and embraces diversity of expression of human gender, sexuality and relationship structures.

Sisters in the City recognises that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) people and their families are subject to significant pressures and discrimination based on prejudice towards their sexual and/or gender identity.

A national study of the LGBTIQ+ community found direct negative mental health impacts from discrimination, with almost 40% of respondents seeking therapy in the previous 12 months for anxiety, depression, family and relationship concerns (Leonard et al, 2012). The report recommended that underlying causes of discrimination be addressed.

Sisters in the City affirms:

  • Same-sex attraction (homosexuality) is not a mental disorder (APA, 2013); neither are gender-diverse or transgender identifications. Gender dysphoria pertains to the degree of distress caused by stigma, not to the transgender identity itself (APA, 2013);
  • Sisters in the City staff respect the rights of LGBTIQ+ people and their families to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination and autonomy;
  • Sisters in the City staff are aware of their personal values, beliefs and assumptions in relation to diverse clients; and respect diversity by not discriminating against clients based on their gender and/or sexual identity, either directly or indirectly;
  • Sisters in the City staff refer onward clients for whom they are not competent to provide a particular clinical service, and ensure that referrals are in the clients’ best interests and are made with informed consent;
  • Sisters in the City staff commit to eliminating the stigma and discrimination that has been historically directed toward LGBTIQ+ clients and their families; and
  • Sisters in the City staff support the dissemination of accurate information to clients about their sexual and gender identities.
Responsiveness to LGBTIQ+ clients who present with concerns about their sexual or gender identity, or members of their families, can be oriented around a contextualised approach to the client’s presentation, challenging negative stereotypes, supporting self-acceptance and where necessary, referral to ancillary supports (counsellors/psychologists).

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