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Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Sessions, Workplace Wellness, Wellness Mentoring, Goal accountability, Goal setting, Mentoring services, Meditation teacher, Yoga Teacher

I am Nikki the founder of Slow Coaching Co., a Life Coach and Wellness Advocate, based out of Wamberal on NSW Central Coast.

I am passionate about helping my clients find the courage to quit the stresses of today's ‘always-on, grind' culture to find balance in life by slowing down and becoming more mindful.  This is achieved through personalised coaching that helps ignite my client's own unique personal power.   

I combine and align my coaching qualifications with over 10 years of experience as a people leader.  As well as being a teacher of yoga and meditation to deliver workplace wellness and mindfulness sessions.  These are designed with the prime outcome of; prioritisation of my clients' (or their teams') mental wellbeing and mindfulness.  They include easy to implement wellness, self-care and mindset techniques, light yoga and meditation.

My vision with Slow Coaching Co. is to see as many people engage and invest in self-development and mental well-being practices, as do for their physical health or appearance. 

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