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Assistive Technology, Consumables, Aids & Equipment, Timers, Electronic Pill Box, Pill Dispensers, Vibrating Watches, Low Vision Watches, Talking Watches, GPS Watches, GPS SOS Pendants, Personal Alarms, Vibrating Clocks, Talking Clocks, Orientation Clocks, Dementia Clocks, Pill Storage Boxes, Lockable Pill Box, Deaf products, Door Bells, Alerters, PPE, Protective Equipment, Face masks, Face Shields, Hand Sanitiser, Protective Eyewear

TabTimerâ„¢ supplies over 100 reminder devices to help people keep medicines, nutrition, hydration, toileting & personal care tasks on-time using assistive technology & assisted listening devices. 
 TabTimer supplies; timers, electronic pill boxes, automated pill dispensers, vibrating watches & clocks, talking watches & talking clocks, doorbell signallers, alerting devices, designed to help people remember medicines, personal care tasks, or assist with daily living requirements.

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