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Behaviour Support, Child Assessments, Counselling, Recreation Programs

As all children and adolescents have their own unique personality traits it is not uncommon for them to experience a few bumps along the way as they navigate through life’s challenges. 

Our vision at our Thinkahead/Reach Up Centre is to unlock your child’s true potential and work with families to build on a child’s strength and help them reach their goals.  A strong therapeutic relationship with both the child and parent coupled with evidence-based assessment and interventions is what underpins the success of achieving your child’s therapeutic goals. 

Our child and adolescent centre caters for children 0-18 years with a developmental delay or disability. We specialise in providing support in the areas of behaviour management, social and communication skills, learning/special education. What makes our service unique is that we see your child not only in our centre but also provide therapy and support in your child’s home or school setting to ensure we are more quickly able to affect meaningful change and equip them with the skills most important to you and your child.  Our services are individualised and based on your family and child’s priorities, strengths and needs. 

Our centre uses a multi disciplinary approach and our team of educational/child psychologists, social workers; behaviour management specialists and speech pathologists will work with you and your child in the one centre. 

Whether you need a child assessment and diagnoses; a behaviour management plan ; counselling or family intervention or perhaps your child needs skill development then Thinkahead can assist. 


Our centre conducts thorough assessments which range from:

·         Intelligence assessments for pre-schoolers from 30 months to 6 years as well as    
          adolescent and adults
·         Educational assessments including reading, spelling, writing and mathematics, 
          including assessments for special provisions in the HSC or IB 
·         Remedial reading and spelling 
·         Identification of learning difficulties, memory and attention problems
·         Assessment of gifted and talented children from early school entry, accelerated 
          progression or suitability for OC classes or selective schools, entry to MENSA 
·         Assessment of behaviour and personality including behavioural problems including 
          ADHD, Autism, Anxiety and Depression
·         Identification of general or specific developmental problems to support access to 
          additional services at school or NDIS funding

Our Counselling and Psychology Intervention can assist with :

·         Fears including, separation anxiety, school refusal and general anxiety. 
·         Internet gaming/ social media/ screen time addictions
·         Sleep disorders 
·         Assistance with withdrawn or depressed behaviour.
·         Grief and loss as a result of separation, divorce or bereavement.
·         Behavioural management of Autism Spectrum Disorders, ODD or ADHD.
·         Assistance coping with stress, help with time management, organisation and study 

Our Behaviour Management Plans and Home Support Service:

Assists parents and carers in understanding  why behaviours of concern are occurring. Observations of your child’s behaviour is conducted in the natural setting ie your family home; day care or school environment to gain more insight into your child’s behaviour. 

Clinicians will teach you how to create an environment that reduces the likelihood of these behaviours’ occurring and also develop a behaviour management plan that outlines a consistent way to respond to these behaviours. Multiple assessments and observations, a comprehensive plan and parent/carer training are completed to ensure a holistic approach. 

A variety of training tools such as behavioural charts, visual boards, story apps are used to design a tailored program to your child’s individual needs. 

Our Recreational Programs:

Will allow your child to put into practice their learnings from therapy whilst fostering social skills and community participation.  They can make new friends, try something new and have a laugh in a supportive environment.  Our program is a combination of centre based and excursion activities.

All our programs are based on positive behaviour support strategies which aim to support individuals to share in family and community life and ensure they ReachUp to their full potential. 

Our Speech Pathologists will assist your child with:

·         Articulation: difficulties saying some sounds correctly e.g. /th/, /s/ and /r/.
·         Phonemic awareness and literacy: children who have reading and spelling 
          difficulties   possibly due to poor sound awareness e.g. analysis and synthesis and 
·         Auditory Processing: Ability to follow instructions, listen in noisy environments and 
          remember information given verbally
·         Language: Poor grasp of vocabulary and sentence structure to participate in 
          conversations and in a classroom.
·         Fluency: Stuttering
·         Written language

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