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Psychology, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage, Personal Training

Tick Fitness and Physiotherapy are committed to providing a service that encourages and allows all participants to achieve their goals in a caring and supportive environment.  
Positive vibes surround our clients and the "can do" attitude enables us to help break down any barriers to provide excellence in care.
Psychology services provide support from early intervention to adulthood with a focus on the LGBTIQ+ and Austism Spectrum commuity, assisting in making sense out of the world and how to operate successfully with the scope of personal ability.
Exercise Physiology and Personal Training allows each of our clients to suceed in management of health (including mental health), ability challenges and general wellness for all ages.
Physiotherapy underpins any complex presentations and injury managment, providing assessment, management prescription and recommendations for moving forward and achieving goals identified for each individual client.
Massage services are availble to assist in management of all conditions and to provide the much needed relaxation to recover.

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