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Physiotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Rehab Room, Concussion Clinic, Naturopathy, Exercise Physiology, Onero, Remedial Massage, Vestibular Rehab, Respiratory, Running Assessment

Cairns NDIS physiotherapy and affiliated services are available at Wellness Embodied. We enjoy working with clients, to optimise their health and wellbeing. Our Cairns NDIS physiotherapists are committed to your care and will support your wellness journey with customised, individualised treatment plans.

Our NDIS Cairns physiotherapists provide services under the Therapeutic Supports code (15_055_0128_1_3). This includes, but is not limited to, neurological rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation (for vertigo, dizziness, motion sickness and balance issues), pain management, DMA Clinical Pilates, Craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, stretching and more. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our specialist treatments can assist clients across a range of areas, including but certainly not limited to, the following.

  • Maintaining muscle length through a combination of stretching, exercises, Clinical Pilates, dry needling, Craniosacral therapy, education and more.
  • Increasing and maintaining muscle strength through guided work in our Rehabilitation Room. Our Cairns NDIS physiotherapists are trained in DMA Clinical Pilates and our client specific approach will achieve long-term change in your nervous system, changing movement patterns, decreasing pain and improving stability and mobility.
At Wellness Embodied, our Cairns NDIS physiotherapists enjoy treating clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Post Stroke, Cerebral Palsy and a range of other conditions, which are all covered by the NDIS.

We listen to our clients, ensuring their needs are heard and are paramount in the development of treatment plans.

Referrals are not necessary to book an assessment or session with one of our Cairns NDIS physiotherapists. For more information, download our ‘How to Access Your NDIS Funding for Physiotherapy’, or give us a call on 4231 9777.

For clients who are plan managed, we are generally able to invoice your plan managers directly. Self-funded clients often pay us directly and claim the money back themselves. When it comes to NDIS, we’re all learning together, but we’re happy to help!

Please note: We also offer video consults for clients who are unable to attend our clinic in person frequently, or live in remote areas such as Cape York, Torres Strait or Thursday Island.  Contact us for more information on 07 4231 9777.

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