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Physiotherapy, Psychology, telehealth, NDIS Registered, VR, ABI, ADHD, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Mental health, Neurological

XRHealth is a healthcare clinic unlike any other. You can access quality Allied Health Care without leaving your home. We know that regular treatment can make it hard to stay engaged and motivated … but virtual reality helps to make it fun!

We offer NDIS physiotherapy and psychology services to help manage various conditions and disabilities. We work with participants with a range of life goals and NDIS plans, who are self-managed or plan-managed.

Our experienced physiotherapists and psychologists will help you to achieve your goals, using revolutionary and innovative technology to make your sessions enjoyable and engaging.

If it’s physiotherapy you’re after, we’ll send you a virtual reality headset to use with your clinician or you may choose to do telehealth only sessions.

You can use the headset to meet with your physio online, and as you move your head and the controllers, your physio will see your movement. Use the XRHealth mobile app to measure your progress as you complete your exercises and treatments at home.

For psychology, you can choose between traditional telehealth appointments, or try out virtual reality to enhance your sessions. We have a number of applications created especially for meditation, mindfulness and relaxation, to help you create and live your best life 

The technology is Virtual Reality. The results are far beyond what conventional therapy can provide. In fact, they are almost unbelievable. We strive to provide compassionate healthcare to everyone. We know that day -to -day life with a lingering injury or cognative condition can be hard. Especially if you've spent your recovery battling with ineffective treatments

Our XRHealth clinicians use virtual reality technology, gamification and biofeedback incorporated into the headset applications to create and develop tailored management plans specific to your goals and needs. These tools focus on treatment, as well as capturing data relating to movement quality, trajectory of movement paths, and speed. 

We are able to use this data to help you with your goal setting and reporting, as well as give you management plans in accordance with your funding.

We provide detailed NDIS review and progress reports, as well as detailed discharge summaries.

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