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Yoga for trauma

Yogahari Healing provides private one-on-one yoga for NDIS participants 

What’s involved?
One-on- one yoga sessions provide a safe space for you to achieve your goals towards physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The sessions explore yoga based body practices for improving physical fitness and befriending the body, mindfulness to manage difficult emotions and thoughts, and breathing and relaxation techniques for calming the mind and nervous system. We can also explore your spiritual beliefs if you have them!

How does it work?
An initial 90 minute assessment session to discuss the participants physical and mental health as well as any spiritual beliefs that can be included in their personalised yoga program. I will then put tgether a yoga program tailored to your needs. After the initial session, we will meet for one hour in subsequent sessions as often as you choose. 

Service agreements are also completed and given to participants and plan managers.

If you are interested in exploring how yoga can help you meet you support needs and goals in your plan, I can provide you a FREE 30 minute consultation or speak with your support worker if that is what you prefer. You can click on the contact me button below for all contact details.

Yogahari Healing provides counselling and family constellations for personal healing, growth and transformation.

I work with both NDIS participants and with carers who receive funding for caring for a person receiving NDIS funding. Some carers receive fudning as part of parent education. I provide both in-person and online counselling for people across the state.

I work with women, men and families and can support people through the following experiences:
 -childhood trauma
 -family issues
 -relationship difficulties
 -grief and loss
 -building boundaries
 -building self-esteem and self-care
-couple counselling
-counselling for carers who  care for someone receiving NDIS funding

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