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Phone 0409462201
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Location Halfway Creek NSW, Australia  - Within 50km
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Sound therapy

Specializing in trauma, anxiety, stress release,adrenal overload,Autism spectrum disorders,nervous system disorders,plus much more...
This modality,fully relaxes the client to a state of wellbeing and inner calmness, tranquility and peacefulness.
With the use of precision calibrated tuning forks,placed on specific points on the body,tebetan singing bowls,and chimes, the client is taken to another place through sound and vibration on a cellular level.
This 1 hour treatment MAY have an outcome of a complete realignment and recalibration for the recipient.
HOWEVER ...this is not a one-off miracle cure ,and all outcomes vary from client to client.
For more information on Acutonics®️ visit..Www.australianacutonics...
NDIS Categories
  • Improved daily living skills
NDIS Support Items
  • 15_056_0128_1_3 - Assessment Recommendation Therapy And/or Training (Incl. AT) - Other Therapy

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